Month: April 2019

Restructuring a home: better a loan or a mortgage?

Anyone who wants to renovate their home and does not have the funds to do it on their own is faced with a choice: better to ask for a loan or a loan? During the preliminary phase, when one is concerned with placing IBL and its proposals in comparison with those of CheBanca !, Cariparma […]


Quick Loans: When to Apply?

Sometimes we need money urgently, either because we have an unexpected (for example, that your child needs an orthodontics) or simply we want to treat ourselves, as a trip with our partner or make a minor reform in home. An editorial over at It is clear that, the first thing that comes to mind, […]


How to get a loan without a pay envelope?

Obtaining a personal loan without a pay slip or a guarantor may seem an insurmountable wall, especially after the severe financial crisis that has hit our country and which has subsequently led to an almost total closure by credit institutions. In the past things were not like today: getting a loan without being able to […]


Is a Payday Loan for Everyone?

You can read a lot of different information on the topic of payday loans. All you need to do is look at the Internet or various magazines, and there will be articles that praise or deny these interesting financial products. If we are curious about the moments, we should remember to approach the subject with […]