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Civil servants can benefit from a wide range of benefits. But what about a loan for civil servants ?

Do they also have access to the special advantages? Or do you have to settle for conventional loan offers?

Official status – a dream for many consumers

Official status - a dream for many consumers

Anyone who manages to gain employment as a civil servant has done many things right in life. Does this mean that not only a steady income and an almost non-terminable employment wait for the lucky guy.

Also, the many benefits that go with such a job, can not be dismissed out of hand. But before the permanent employment can be enjoyed including civil servant status, a sometimes stony path must be covered.

As you know, there is nothing given in life. And before being raised to civil servant status, one has to spend some time as a civil servant candidate.

During this phase, it is checked whether the official status can be awarded or not. This brings advantages as well as disadvantages.

What’s a credit for civil servants?


If you look for a loan for civil servant candidates during this phase, there are some peculiarities on the agenda. Because as a civil servant candidate one can certainly be sure of a fairly secure employment.

Civil servant status has not yet been reached, however, so that special credit offers intended only for civil servants may not yet be used. A loan for civil servant is therefore usually a regular installment loan, which brings with it a good interest rate, but no special arrangements for the repayment.

On the one hand, this brings with it the advantage that with a good income and a proper credit score the right offer can be selected from a large number of loans. On the other hand, the special offers for civil servants can not be used.

However, advantages as well as disadvantages balance out quite well, so that despite all this a good offer and an optimal solution can be assumed.

What does a good loan selection look like?

In our time, there are loans in different versions. In Germany alone there are more than 2,000 financial institutions, all of which offer their own loans and financing.

These are already so different in themselves that without a comparison no optimal selection can take place. Therefore, some steps should be taken to make a good credit selection.

The first step always deals with the type of loan. For this it is important to know exactly what the loan should be used for civil servants.

Is there a fixed use, it may be useful to select a loan offer with earmarking. Such offers usually bring better terms and require less collateral.

Because even the financing represents a security. For projects that do not follow a fixed purpose, a simple installment loan must be used.

In addition, it is about selecting the appropriate loan amount. The banks leave to the borrower, what should be the sum for the loan for civil servant candidates.

This can sometimes lead to the loan amount being overstated. It is better to choose the credit line so that no unnecessary money is borrowed.

After all, the money somehow has to be returned to the bank.

A comparison calculator helps

A comparison around a loan for civil servants can be most effective perform when a comparison calculator is used for the comparison. We have integrated such a comparison calculator in the lower part of our article.

In order to be able to generate worthwhile loan offers, the following information must be entered in the comparison calculator:

  • loan amount
  • running time
  • Usage

Based on this information, suitable loan offers are then created within a few seconds. These can then be refined on request with the help of the respective banks.

In advance, however, the details of the respective offers should be considered. They say a lot about the quality of the offer and thus help with the preselection.

Our comparison can be used free of charge and without obligation. Personal data is only needed when a specific loan offer is requested from a bank.

In our computer such data are not maintained and therefore not stored.

When will there be a civil service loan?

When will there be a civil service loan?

Many loan seekers are not pleased that a loan for civil servant candidate does not correspond to the quality that a pure civil service loan brings with it. Even if the offers are not bad and are well worth it.

The question that arises therefore: When can a civil service loan be accepted? The classic civil servant credit exists only when the official status has been confirmed.

As the probationary period is generally quite clear, one should consider whether, especially for large purchases, borrowing can be postponed a little bit more. As soon as the official status has been confirmed, all official loans are available.

Whether a shift of borrowing is possible or not, every interested party must decide for themselves. For large loan amounts with a long maturity, it is definitely worthwhile thinking about this step.

Small loans, on the other hand, benefit less from civil servant status and should therefore not be a problem during the probationary period.

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