How to get a loan without a pay envelope?

Obtaining a personal loan without a pay slip or a guarantor may seem an insurmountable wall, especially after the severe financial crisis that has hit our country and which has subsequently led to an almost total closure by credit institutions. In the past things were not like today: getting a loan without being able to present a pay slip or without having any guarantor could give good satisfaction. In some cases, even large sums of money could be accessed without major problems.

Without guarantor or pay slip: these are the possibilities on the market

First of all it must be remembered that there are different solutions for obtaining a loan without a guarantor or without having the possibility of presenting a pay slip. In fact, this kind of requests that at first glance may seem hopeless, in reality they are not, indeed. In fact, there are some methods that allow access to Quasimodo without a pay slip or guarantor , let’s see some of them:

1. Loan changed

2. The fiduciary loan

3. The honor loan

4. The finalized loan

Without a salary or guarantor, here is the new offer


But now let’s go into more detail and see a small overview of the main offers of banks in Italy. First we find Compass , one of the most open lenders to listen to the real needs of Italians and thanks to which obtaining a loan without a pay slip or guarantor does not seem to be so difficult. Compass offers include a maximum limit of € 10,000 for a loan of about € 167 per month with a Taeg of 11.02% and a Fixed Tan of 9.90%.

Without pay slip, here’s what you need

Those interested in obtaining a personal loan but, although a worker, do not have the opportunity to show a pay slip or who are unable to present a permanent contract or demonstrate receipt of a fixed salary, can also contact Findomestic which requires various types of guarantees. In fact, it is possible to simply present a third guarantor (who can be a friend or family member) by sending a pay slip. In the case in which a large amount is required, the institution requires additional guarantees such as the mortgage on a property of a certain value that can produce income.

Special Cash: here’s how to get the loan without collateral


Poste Italiane has recently given the possibility to all holders of the Postepay prepaid rechargeable card to apply for a loan, even without the need to bring the pay packet or a guarantor to support the request. With Special Cash it is possible to access credit even if you are an atypical worker or without a pay slip, but also if you do not have a demonstrable income. What are the requirements to get them? Is simple. It is sufficient to present a Postepay on which the loan requested will be subsequently credited, your identity card showing that you have between 18 and 70 years of age and your health card and finally your income certificate and passport or residence permit in the event that do not be an Italian citizen.

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