Quick Loans: When to Apply?

Sometimes we need money urgently, either because we have an unexpected (for example, that your child needs an orthodontics) or simply we want to treat ourselves, as a trip with our partner or make a minor reform in home. An editorial over at http://beneathbuddhaseyes.com

It is clear that, the first thing that comes to mind, is to go to our bank for a lifetime to apply for funding, but today the classic banks have closed the credit tap and it is very difficult to borrow the money that you need. For this reason, we must go to the fast credit companies, which give us less impediment to lend us money, although we must take into account several things.

When to apply for a quick loan?

When to apply for a quick loan?


The first thing we must be clear about is that the interest on this loan is much higher than that of a traditional bank, and that if we lengthen the payment of this loan much in time, the interest will become very high and we will return much more money from the what we have asked for

So, in addition to this point, consider these three others:

  • Try to make sure you can return the money. This is a no-brainer, but do not fall into over-indebtedness. If you have a pending debt and you do not arrive at the end of the month, maybe this is not the time to give yourself that whim you have in mind. If you have a stable job and your income is sufficient, make sure that you can pay the letter of that loan comfortably.
  • Try to pay the maximum you can each month. In this way, you will get rid of the credit in the minimum possible time and the interest paid will be lower (which, as we repeat, can be very high).
  • Ask for the right money and not extra money. Surely it crosses your mind that, since you are, you can ask for something more for something that you have pending. Do not fall into that trap and try to ask for the money you need, do not increase your debt unnecessarily.

One last tip

From your payroll, always try to set aside 10% of it in an account where you do not receive any receipts. That way you can have enough liquid for when you need it.

We always think about paying the bills before anything, but we forget to pay ourselves once we charge. That should be a habit that is very healthy to take, save money every month for us and forget about it. So we will not be afraid of the unforeseen as is the case, and we will not have to resort to quick loans, which as we say many times come very well and save us from trouble, but better live without debt, do not you think?

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